About Us

Hi LawMakers,

I thought you deserved to know a little about the people behind this site.

There are actually just two of us. I am Amit Thakkar, a Democratic politico in California. My hard-working partner, Jon Brennan, is a Republican coder in New York. No big staff or fancy offices, no outside financial backing (though we are hopeful), just two guys with laptops and wi-fi who got really tired of politics as usual and decided we had to at least attempt to do something about it.

We’ve worked on LawMaker every night, weekend and free moment for the past two years because we wanted to empower all Americans and remind them that each and every one of us is capable of being heard by our government.

Our mission is to provide a megaphone for constructive political voices and get everyone involved in making laws that make sense.

We built LawMaker to take all of us beyond petitions by allowing every voter to take the floor and build coalitions for policies that improve lives. We believe passionately in this country’s promise, and our goal is to support that potential by creating technology that increases accessibility, transparency, and accountability within our government at all its levels.

We have a long list of future plans and features for LawMaker. As time and money become available, we will grow into all 50 states. We will improve the site and add new tools to help involved voters of any party take positive political action. We are building features to help broaden the reach of your coalitions, track elected officials’ votes and bills, and make it easier to get information about the policy issues and candidates you vote for each election.

We are working hard to build a vibrant and CIVIL political community online. All we need from you is your involvement. Propose policies that will improve people’s lives. Crowdsource your ideas with as many smart people as you can. Build coalitions of engaged Americans who are interested in everyone’s well-being, not just their own. Use LawMaker to start conversations with your elected officials. And most importantly, be patient — political change takes time and persistence. Jon and I will take care of the rest.

All the best,
Amit Thakkar