It all Starts with a Good Idea

Have an idea on how to make your city, state, or country better? LawMaker takes you beyond petitions — our platform provides a direct voice to your government to create and promote new policies and drive change from the grassroots up!

Let’s get started:

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Propose Your Policy

Create a Policy, the first step in making a new law. Follow the instructions to turn your idea into a proposal for change.

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Share it Widely & Amend Your Policy

Share your policy across social media to rally supporters. Other LawMakers can suggest amendments and vote to support your idea. The more amendments you accept, the more co-authors who are sharing your policy to a growing audience. LawMaker is public and transparent, allowing you to crowdsource your policy and give every voter a voice in the process.

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Rally Support

Keep sharing to rally support until your policy has at least 100 supporters. Even more support means more voters, and more voices, amplifying your idea.

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Drive Change

Publicly send your policy proposal, with it’s verified voter support, to elected officials using the links on your policy page. Share progress with your network, keep building support, and update elected officials as you reach new milestones — 250, 500, 1000 supporters and beyond!

Every member is a powerful part of the LawMaker community, even if writing a policy is not your thing. Search for policies that will impact your life by location or subject, join the crowd to support or oppose policies, add your voice, and vote to amplify a great idea.

Are you ready to take the floor?


Are you an Elected Official, Political Organization, or Influencer?

Leverage the LawMaker community to build upon your coalitions. Contact Us and we’ll help you create a Certified Profile—an official LawMaker account for your office or organization—to effectively amplify your voice, rally your supporters, build a public coalition, and present actionable policy proposals to elected officials.