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CHALLENGE: SpeakEasy Kansas City

TOPIC: Economic recovery and public health resiliency.

Challenge Completed on Jun. 30, 2020 at 5:00pm PT

Mayor Quinton D. Lucas

Kansas City, MO

Our city and our nation are in the midst of an unprecedented public health emergency. This crisis has impacted everyone in our community, and we’ll only be able to bounce back if we all work together to rebuild and recover.

Ultimately local and city governments like ours take a front-line role in helping all residents through such an emergency, with or without the support of state and federal government resources. We do these through the laws and programs we enact to prepare our city for times of crisis. And in the end, our city government is accountable to the people we serve—residents like you.

Which is why we want to hear from you: What policy ideas do you have for helping Kansas City bounce back from the COVID-19 crisis? How can we make sure our city is stronger a year from now than it was before the crisis started?

We are working with LawMaker to create a public and transparent forum to hear your ideas. Propose your policy ideas here within one of the four categories, share them with your friends, family, and neighbors on social media, and collect a coalition of supporters who upvote your policy idea. The Mayor and Council will review the policies with strong support, and commit to make a substantive policy action or response to the policy in each category that gets the most votes.


Small Business Support
What policies can the city implement to help support small businesses as they recover from the economic disruptions caused by COVID?

Economic Resilience
Are there policies that will help make Kansas City more resilient and economically dynamic in the long term?

Emergency Preparedness
What are policies we can implement now, to help us better prepare for future large-scale emergencies should they arise?

Public Health Access
What policies can the city implement to improve public health access and availability for our must vulnerable populations, many of whom were disproportionately impacted by COVID?

Quinton Lucas, “Mayor Q,” was sworn in as the 55th mayor of Kansas City on August 1, 2019.

As mayor, Quinton has prioritized making Kansas City’s neighborhoods safer, creating more accessible and affordable housing and public transportation, fostering a healthier community and improving basic services. Quinton created and chairs the City’s Special Committee on Housing Policy.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Quinton has spent most of his life in the city’s urban core. As a child, he moved often and experienced homelessness, sometimes staying with family or friends, or residing in a motel. Despite these challenges, Quinton remained focused on his schoolwork, earning academic scholarships to high school, college and Cornell Law School before returning home to Kansas City.

Since 2012, Quinton has been a member of the University of Kansas Law School faculty, where he served as one of the youngest tenure-track law professors in the country. He is active in the Kansas City community and volunteers extensively in area schools and organizations, including providing mentorship in local prisons.

Quinton lives in the Historic 18th and Vine Jazz District, which he previously represented on the City Council.

Aug. 1, 2019/ Jul. 31, 2023

Special Committee on Housing Policy

Kansas City, Missouri City Council, 3rd District At-Large

Associate Professor & Lecturer at the University of Kansas Law School (2012-present)

Commercial disputes & government investigations attorney at German May PC (2010-present)

Law Clerk for Judge Duane Benton, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit (2009-2010)

  • Improving public safety & reducing violent crime
  • Access to affordable housing
  • Improving basic city services
  • Affordable Housing
  • Violent Crime 
  • Economic Mobility
  • Juvenile Gun Ordinance, 190664
  • Adult Gun Ordinance, 190661
  • Domestic Violence Gun Ordinance, 190920
  • Rental Housing Assistance (Tenants Rights) Ordinance, 190935
  • Border War Ordinance, 190793
  • Mayoral Pardon, 200073

Winning Policy Idea

User Submitted Polices Support in jurisdiction at challenge
Total support (# votes) percent support
Independent, Community Based Review Board to review police misconduct. 100 88%