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Dd97b73e84e61545f5aa9807b46870b3?d=mm Ariel Torres

Proposed Sep. 15, 2017

Speeding has been a present danger to students on Beach Street. We want people to drive carefully along this street since there are middle school students in the morning waiting to get picked up by the bus and high school students in the afternoon that cross the streets as well. In the morning, it is more dangerous because the students from middle school tend to not be as careful as high school students when crossing the street. Nonetheless, speeding in this street is dangerous to all students including those who claim that they cross the street carefully. Drivers should be more careful with how they drive and lower down their speed with the addition of one or two speed bumps. This would provide for a safer environment to all students that go to this school.


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Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County

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