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Cover up the potholes in the streets of our city.

Compton, CA > Transportation, Infrastructure & Public Works
10a721043341d416ff2560220e8ea284?d=mm Viviana Hernandez

Proposed Sep. 15, 2017

Within my community upon various streets, even after few fixes, potholes still put at risk the driving safety of many of our local residents and our pedestrians. Our proposal towards fixing this issue is to look upon our local officials, and mayor into addressing the obvious problem and gathering the necessary resources in order to sort out these potholes. This is initiated in order to create not only a safer community, but city all together as well. The failure to continuously view the concerns that come along with issue would only result in our residents fearing that their voices are not being heard, or considered. Therefore, I urge you, our locals and officials, to look forward towards a safer and more convenient city by taking one of many small steps, and fixing our city roads and streets.


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