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Policy to declare illegal street encampments and designating special zones

Los Angeles County, CA > Poverty, Homelessness & Welfare Programs
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Proposed Nov. 10, 2017

The policy will make illegal any street encampments for permanently or temporary homeless. The policy will make it a misdemeanor to encamp anywhere in the city except zones specially designated for encampment. The policy will declare it a misdemeanor to encamp without a permit as well as aid and abate encampments. Police should have the right to dismantle any encampment. Special temporary emergency encampment zone should be designated where encampments are allowed for 14 days [er participant only with mandatory registration and ID for every person staying. During staying in the encampment, every person should be fingerprinted and tested for drugs. Every person should be provided with mandatory 14-day shelter voucher and mandatory financial and medial assessment. The encampment will be guarded, access will be granted with photo ID only. The purpose of the policy is to permanently remove illegal encampments and skid roads from the streets of Los Angeles and deal with every allegedly homeless individual in structured and organized way.


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