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Parking Spaces Reserved for Eco-friendly Vehicles

Los Angeles County, CA > Energy and Environment
D81a64bc329133a47e04b0f073912248?d=mm Jocelyn Adao

Proposed Apr. 9, 2018



I believe there should more reserved parking spaces for eco-friendly vehicles in more affluent areas. Global warming and the deterioration of our environment is an ongoing issue that our world needs to solve. In 2015, 27% of the greenhouse gasses emitted comes from transportation. In the U.S. alone, we emit 24 pounds of Carbon per one gallon of gasoline used. In California, there are over 14 million registered cars. You don't need to do the math to calculate how many gallons of gas our population goes through to know that it's a ridiculously high number. Everyone should contribute to the preservation of our world, but some people can help out more (monetarily-wise) than others. It is also difficult to share knowledge to everyone in the community about ways to be environmentally friendly. If there are more parking spaces reserved for ecofriendly vehicles in areas that are affluent (i.e. Santa Clarita), it can encourage people who are willing and able to purchase more ecofriendly cars to help reduce California's Carbon Footprint. The reserved spaces will also help inform the public of how to be environmentally friendly. I believe that this policy can be very helpful while being cost effective. This policy will not work in areas that are low-income or areas that lack public parking availability.


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