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Global Workforce Exchange (GWx)

Los Angeles County, CA > Immigration
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Proposed Jul. 11, 2018


Global Workforce Exchange (GWx)

Orie Ward and Walter Whitehead, The Purple Aisle

Background: The problem is that pursuing opportunities to increase quality of life by living abroad requires navigating competitive immigration processes with countries who have a limited number of visas, including the United States. In the US, for example, there are 9.6M non-immigrant visas. 28% of applications get approved, and it costs a minimum of $5,500 to even apply for an H-1B.

Solution: GWx provides a private sector model for impacting immigration. GWx looks like a combination of Indeed.com, E-Verify, and Angie’s List. GWx is an online platform for the global workforce. Applicants and recruiters can create profiles, users can find job/school matches with links to applications, and an algorithm identifies a candidates’ visa qualifications and security risk. A visa counter/clock illustrates how many visas are available in real time. GWx connects users to directions for in-country immigration, student exchanges, and border security agencies. Upgrades users can find matches for legal services, test prep, housing, health + wellness programs, and language services. Future iterations could integrate with HR and University dashboards.

GWx is relevant for anyone applying for nonimmigrant visas, studying or working abroad in a range of industries (Fortune 500, Business Co-ops, Medical Professionals, Construction, Agriculture, Energy, Securtity, etc.). Multinational corporations, colleges/universities, ad-buyers, and immigration service providers would all benefit from GWx.

Advantages: Multinational companies in California can use GWx to more efficiently process and integrate new employees/students from other countries. In the long term, GWx provides a secure, reliable, and legal way to access talent and opportunities in the US and abroad. More Americans become members of the global workforce, increasing American competitiveness, productivity, and equality.


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