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Allow the people to self govern- lift restrictions

Kansas City, MO > Public Health Access
4be5e559d8e6e3ec88040edee48ec3a5?d=mm Mary Wheeler

Proposed Jun. 29, 2020


I propose that Kansas City remove the restrictions imposed in response to the Corona Virus Pandemic. As positive test results rise, due to larger numbers of the population being tested, the effects of this virus has proven to be way less fatal or even symptomatic than first reported. The damage being done to the economy and the mental/emotional health of our people has far exceeded the effects of this virus. Imposing restrictions on the majority of the healthy population in protection of the immunocompromised has never been the standard. A person living with specific health risks are used to following specific protocol to protect themselves and numerous establishments have provided the necessary accommodations and services to help ensure this protocol is continued during this crisis. With that said, I believe that the people should be free to make their own choices and the restrictions placed on the public and businesses should be lifted immediately.  


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