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Canal Barge takes one ton 514 miles on one gal of fuel-Train 202 mi-Truck 59 mi.

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A6338d44c3fcb42db20f4f14e4b6d389?d=mm Mark Graves

Proposed Jan. 31, 2018

Let's build more USA canals! Imagine shipping ONE TON from Coast to Coast 3,000 miles, on ONLY 6 gallons of diesel fuel! Check out the facts - Google "The Erie Canal" on Wiki. It made NY State prosperous with 33,000 shipments in 1855 alone and it is still being used to this very day. The reduction in diesel fuel (cost and the pollution thereof) is HUGE when you ship via Canal Barge! Canals can make great profits while saving shippers (all of us consumers) billions in shipping costs. Don't build walls along our borders, build canals on both borders and crisscrossing our USA. They are not only beautiful but they can have buildings and docks along their banks increasing property values (our nation's value) by trillions of dollars while creating millions of pollution reducing jobs. We could put prison inmates to work learning a useful skill out in the fresh air digging canals with bulldozers. They would be secure living and working in a big deep hole being watched 24/7. Tents are far cheaper than prisons and you need far fewer armed guards on top of a hole than in a prison. It's a win win in every direction for everyone. Climb aboard the future with us. A cleaner better future for the next generation, ALL of our children! Join us and spread the word. Thank you!


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