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F98101e5a193d4bf7b47bf3e7422a789?d=mm Ronald Paulinski

Proposed Nov. 16, 2018


The Problem: Voter’s have been electing candidates into the most powerful positions in the world, without comprehensive candidate background checks. Anyone can run for a political office (that’s good), including for President of the United States, while only providing the electorate with age, residency, and citizenship information. SCOTUS ruled that even requiring tax returns would be unconstitutional. (That’s crazy)  Some candidates are corrupt and there's little public background information available about them. Millions of other jobs require background checks - even school bus drivers. 1.2 million of those jobs require Top Secret Clearance background checks. Voters, more than any employer, should know that candidates are being properly vetted. For powerful elected positions proper vetting should be comparable to Top Secret Clearance background checks. Voting without proper vetting is wrong, and it’s irresponsibly dangerous. It would only take one corrupt official to destroy our democratic system. Other than seeking a constitutional amendment (at best would take years to accomplish) there seemed to be no solution to the immediate corrupt-candidate dilemma.     

The Immediate Solution:  “Voluntary" Candidate Vetting would comply with SCOTUS rulings, has compelling reasons to volunteer, and leaves no credible reason not to volunteer.  In late September Senator Wiener's Legislation Director Brady, spent 40 minutes on the phone challenging my bill proposal in detail. Brady then assured me he would be presenting my proposal to Senator Wiener and they’d be making a decision on introducing my bill in early November.  This is now a campaign to get my bill introduced and passed. Vote now.

PowerPoint  Briefing: http://files.ofile.com:/ofile/?controller=Share&action=shareFile&key=939b9fed93c76ce9339b8aa1b2d5c57c


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