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Care Enough to Wear a Mask & Vote for People Who Care About Us!

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Proposed Jun. 16, 2020


June 16, Dr Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent said: "More people died yesterday in this country than people who have died in other countries throughout the entire pandemic. In 24 hours more people have died." This does not have to be the new normal. 

I think it is extremely sad and dangerous that some elected officials are not demonstrating compassion and modeling and encouraging  people to wear masks. We need to vote for people who will unify and show compassion for us! Wearing masks saves lives; it helps stop the spread of COVID-19 and gives us the freedom to not have to stay at home. Wearing masks increases the number of people willing to venture out to shop at businesses and for those businesses to stay open.

People should wear masks inside businesses and in public when within 6 feet of others. Some people are afraid to go to the grocery store to buy food to live. I limit my trips to the grocery store to about every 3 weeks, do it quickly, and avoid people without masks as much as possible. Last time, I went about 65% of people were wearing masks. One time I went a guy wearing a mask started coughing: I was so grateful he was wearing a mask to limit how far his droplets carried. (Droplets can linger in the air for 3 hours after sneezing.)

Please care enough about yourself, family, friends, and local businesses to wear a mask. Some people deny and downplay the devastating impact of COVID-19. In just a few months, over 118,500 people in the United States alone have died from COVID-19.  Some survivors suffered from blood clots, damaged organs (lungs, heart, liver, kidney), and had amputations.  Even people not significantly impacted have had loss of smell and taste to varying degrees.  Senses needed to enjoy a juicy steak or Tofu.  This is a health and economical intertwined issue!


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Mary KAIFER (06/24/2020)
Masks required in medical facilities, including physician's offices.





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