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Congress must share the financial consequences of a government shutdown

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Proposed Jan. 19, 2018

Why should those responsible for failing to assure our government is funded still be paid while hundreds of thousands of federal workers, including our military, either are sent home or see their paychecks delayed? Congressmen have recently noted that “Federal employees should not be penalized for Congress’ inability to get its job done on time,” and introduced the Federal Employee Retroactive Pay Fairness Act to avoid this but have failed to introduce legislation that does penalize those, Congress, who they have themselves identified have failed to “get its job done on time”. The need for a budget should never be an “emergency” or “crisis” as the need, timing and scope is well known in advance. It takes 60 votes to pass the Senate meaning it takes both parties, not a simple majority. If they cannot do their jobs, they are not ‘essential’. There is no excuse. Congress has a responsibility to the American people and should be held accountable and ‘feel’ the consequences of their failure. This policy proposes that members of Congress and their executive staff shall not be paid, or paid retroactively, should they fail to approve a budget on time. Payment will be withheld until such time as a budget is passed and implemented. Further, Congress and their executive staff shall be required to continue to work, without interruption, towards completion of a budget until such time as it is approved and implemented, or, resign their seat and responsibilities so someone who can get the job done can take on the challenge.


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