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Expedited legal proceedings for business disputes

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Default Maxwell Lubahn

Proposed Jan. 26, 2017


Currently individuals and small businesses must wait up to 18 months or more for a court date in California in order to address business disputes. The time and cost involved is extremely prohibitive for start-ups, small businesses and individuls and effectively eliminates a lawsuit as an option to resolve a dispute. It hurts the creation of and the success of small businesses, which are the biggest drivers of new employment.

Policy Proposal:
Expeditious legally binding arbitration hearings in California (within 3 months or less) to resolve business based legal disputes involving small businesses and individuals. 


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Terry Shaylin (11/11/2017)
The parties need to agree to legal binding arbitration, otherwise you cannot force them and even when they agreed the party can challenge arbitration provision. You can do what Los Angeles County Bar association already have done - mandatory none binding arbitration of attorney-clients fee dispute that can be binding if the parties agree.





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