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Proposed Nov. 30, 2017

Our traffic goals are: enable commerce and access for all, reduce environmental impact as much as possible, ensure the public safety, and save time for commuters. We can adapt our streets to help accomplish all of these goals. By making two streets per two linear miles one way, with timed lights to provide a safe and reasonable traffic speed, we can reduce top speeds to ensure the public safety while increasing average speed for travelers. This will save fuel, increase access, reduce environmental impact of vehicular traffic, improve the quality of life for mobile Angelenos, and increase services for less mobile Angelenos. It will allow for larger and safer bike lanes, as it is much easier to accommodate bike lanes on a one way street than in two directions on opposite sides of a road way. This also allows for future innovative, such as head in parking, bus lanes, and other public transportation supplementation. Too many people are allowing the idea that we need to get away from cars as transport to interfere with the possibility of supplementing existing systems. Bike lanes are not realistic alternatives for most people, particularly people with children or access issues. And no matter what fuel we end up using, personal transport will be a substantial part of mobility for the long term foreseeable future. Adapting our streets to best accommodate a growing population and their mobility needs will help us find solutions to get people where they need to go both in the short run and in the long term. Ideally, this will pave the way for future public mass transportation projects, possibly including self-driving cars, and redefine traffic flows for a variety of areas, potentially creating new economic opportunities as well. The less time we spend idling in stop and go traffic, whether in a car or on a bus, the more fuel we save and the more our air quality improves. If we can increase our average speed by even 10%, the environmental savings is significant.


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