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Fully fund and support the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission

Los Angeles, CA > Government Oversight, Ethics & Reform
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Proposed Dec. 8, 2017

The Ethics Commission was set up with the specific goals of Transparency, Integrity, Impartiality and Accountability to ensure conflicts of interest were avoided and that all actions within the Los Angeles City Government and its dealings with contractors and the public were held to a high standard of ethical behavior, and transparency and accountability prevailed. Major budget cutbacks after 2008 in addition to an ever-increasing workload has strangled the Commission's power and efficacy especially with regards to oversight of the City Council and its members. Given that voting for additional funding might put some City officials' jobs, staff and families at risk, there is a real danger of the Council using this continued deprivation of funding to protect their own interests. The City Council MUST expand and fully fund the Commission to allow it to perform the services for which it was created - protecting the interests of all Angelenos.


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Don Evans (12/11/2017)
While the Ethics Commission seems like a good idea, a commission without the power of enforcement is meaningless. I would be s supporter if they have that authority.





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