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Give Our Youth a Finance Chance

California > Education
Cf259bffef6784e94756bbf849de3edb?d=mm Nichelle Lewis

Proposed Jul. 27, 2019


Student loan debt is at an all time high. CA is the 2nd most expensive state to live in with the highest homeless population in the country. I am proposing legislation that will cause the state of CA to provide quality personal finance courses to our young people before they graduate from high school.

We send our high school graduates out into a world without a strong understanding of how money works and how to navigate the pitfalls of student/personal loan debt.  We do not currently require our schools to prepare our youth for money matters in the real world before we send them out into it. The current system sends them out into the world  like sheep to the slaughter, ill prepared to create a sound financial foundation.

This policy would create a curriculum for high school juniors and seniors that will afford them the opportunity to have a fighting chance of being fiscally sound throughout their lives.


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