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Increase the speed limit to 75 miles per hour - tickets for driving too slow in the fast lane

United States > Energy and Environment
6a72bc707be96ed78a475c79c0fa6a32?d=mm Kerry Walters

Proposed Feb. 7, 2017

Cars are designed much better than they were when road laws first came to be.  Cars can now handle going much faster and still be safe,  Traffic is a pervasive problem that could be aided by raising the speed limit in most cities as well as ticketing people for driving too slow in the fast lane when there is no traffic constraints.  Additionally, rather than signs advocating "click it or ticket" we have signs stating "If it steers it clears" which requires people in accidents to pull to the right side of the road so as to not block traffic.


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Mark Graves (02/01/2018)
I like all 3 parts of this.





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