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Independent, Community Based Review Board to review police misconduct.

Kansas City, MO > Emergency Preparedness
08b60432b3a3eb5d2c8bf976114bd468?d=mm Ryan White

Proposed Jun. 2, 2020


The problem I see causing current unrest in our city, is lack of police accountability.  When the public wishes to report police misconduct, they need to make a report at the police station.  I am an attorney and I have no idea how those reports are reviewed or investigated.  KCPD, being governed by the Board of Police Commissioners, limits the amount of community involvement when it comes to police misconduct.  This policy gives those directly impacted by police misconduct a voice as well as holding individual police officers accountable for wrongdoing.

I propose the creation of an independent, community base review board comprised of elected officials who will review and investigate allegations of police misconduct.  This board might consist of one representative elected by the voters from each precinct in Kansas City, a retired KCPD officer to be chosen by the KCPD in whatever manner they see fit, a member of the KCMBA nominated by the KCMBA in whichever manner they see fit, and presided over by the mayor.  Term limits TBD.

The board will review and investigate allegations made by people in the community concerning allegations of misconduct.  After the investigation, the board will vote on whether the case should be referred to a special prosecutor which is a new position created by this policy.  The special prosecutor will have the authority to file charges against the officer or officers in Kansas City Municipal Court.  If the special prosecutor or the board feels that a state charge should be filed, it can be referred to the respective county prosecutor's office.  At that point, the officer would be presumed innocent until proven guilty because they would be in a criminal court.  The officer would have a right to a trial, an opportunity for probation should they accept responsibility, or possible jail/prison time.

I believe that this would address the concerns in the community that are causing so much unrest.


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Emely Hill (06/06/2020)
I love the thought behind this, I don’t think however having a jury of elected officials or a special prosecutor would be specifically ideal. Personally, I think this has the potential to cause political issues and debates






Ryan White (06/16/2020)
Thank you for your interest and comment. I must say, however, political issues and debates are the foundation of democracy. This gives the power to the people to have a role in policing our community.





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