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It's 2018 not 1818 - Direct Representation = We Can Vote by Phone on ALL Issues

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A6338d44c3fcb42db20f4f14e4b6d389?d=mm Mark Graves

Proposed Feb. 1, 2018

We have the technology for "Direct Representation" where we can vote on everything ourselves. All of it affects us and our children. Simply use our phones with our Social Security numbers as a PIN. Afterall, our SS# today is already used for everything from opening up bank accounts to getting a Vons store card (A COUPON discount card)! This will also save billions in paperwork and the pollution thereof. It has never been so easy to be educated on the issues and it is just as easy to represent our own votes on EVERYTHING! Politicians (and us) can propose the laws, and "WE The People" can vote DIRECTLY on them, ALL of them. Join me in that goal!


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