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Legal Services for Poor People Expansion 42 U.S.C. 2996(2) (1976)

Kansas City, MO > Economic Resilience
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Proposed Jun. 8, 2020

The greatest investment in an economy to be made is in its people. The greatest way to eliminate exclusion of youth is not only allowing them to partake but also create. One of the greatest ways to combat inequalities is by leveling the playing field in which opportunities can be accessed. "A policy in which any legal entity can work alongside a neighborhood association within Intellectual Property, with intent to stimulate the economy and/or reduce economic inequality." The work began by those whose motives sparked the Legal Services Corporation Act must continue. The restrictions by opponents on the ability of legal services lawyers to provide help in specific areas of law(Intillectual Property) must be removed. "One of the responsibilities of citizenship is living within that system: one of the rights of citizenship is to make use of and influence the system." "If access to the legal system is an inherent right of citizenship, then those who are poor should decide how to allocate limited resources among the various substantive areas in which there is demand for services." (p. 494 Legal Services for Poor People). For more clearity on the subject and research please refer to citation below.

Erlich, Thomas, "Legal Services for Poor People" (1981). Articles by Maurer Faculty. Paper 1829.



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