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Making Street Signs and Signals Visible for pedestrians and the community

Los Angeles County, CA > Transportation, Infrastructure & Public Works
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Proposed Sep. 13, 2017

Due to many street signals and street lights not being visible to the pedestrians and vehicles it can cause sever dangerous hazards. Many of these street signs have been covered by excess tree growth that cause many incidents among the community. Some of these incidents are seen in local parks and near schools. In parks tress cover the stop signs and speed limit signs which can cause children to cross the street without knowing that there is a safety cross path. In addition, in near schools there are many signals that are covered by trees and cause cars to go over the speed limit without them knowing that they are violating the law. To Conclude these signals and Signs if covered can cause dangerous accidents and can cause individuals to get tickets for violating the law. We Propose this policy to protect the community of fatal accidents and to make everyone aware that there are signs and signals that must be respected for the safety of everyone, to reach this goal we must make these signs visible by cutting down excess tree growth and anything else blocking signs.


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