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Proposed Nov. 9, 2017

The goal is to have a unified site that can map all businesses, current/proposed liquor license, Neighborhood Councils, nonprofits, and more while having all of these layers available with easy to use filters. The second part is to have a unified calendar of City events and activities from various departments/Neighborhood Councils along with the means to RSVP or know their location once the user indicates an interest. All of this information is available, but the issue is that none of the departments, Council offices, Neighborhood Councils are in one location where all this information can be readily available. I hope that this policy will be one step in bringing transparency to develop further the layers and filters that would be best for the public to know and see the impacts of good or poor policy proposals. MYLA311 has a unified feature of passing service requests to various departments. This policy is not this, it is to map and highlight organizations, licenses, and events that would be of interest to the public under one site that is as visually appealing as the LA2028 site for the Olympics. Think of this policy as the first step in being transparent by providing all data in a visual format tied to the neighborhood.


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