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Measures for phone caller accountability

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Proposed Jan. 24, 2019


Congress has passed laws that restrict robocalls, phone spam and regulated election related phone calls. The problem is that with the proliferation of VoIP, mass calling is essentially free and anonymous. The consumer is powerless to act when bombarded with endless automated calls which in many cases are already illegal. What is needed is a way to ensure callers are identifiable so they can be held accountable for their business practices.

  1. Companies terminating phone calls must positively identify and authenticate the origin of incoming calls.  This can be done (for example) by means of public key cryptography.
  2. All non-personal calls (businesses, political organizations, public organizations) must be uniquely identifiable by the phone number visible on the receiving phone's caller ID.  The number presented will have been confirmed as part of #1 above.
  3. Companies terminating phone calls must keep a record of all phone transactions, including date, time, duration of the phone call and origin as identified above.  These records must be made available to the consumer on request.
  4. The phone number provided for non-personal calls must be callable by the consumer, and must provide the means to place the caller on a do not call list.  If the number is answered by an automated system, this request must be handled by a top level menu option.
  5. Caller ID blocking is not permitted for any non-personal phone calls.
  6. Caller ID blocking for individuals is allowed, but companies terminating phone calls must maintain call origination records should they be requested by law enforcement.
  7. Incoming calls not complying with this law are subject to a $0.10 / call tariff to be collected by the company terminating the call.  Service providers may opt to block all non-compliant calls or provide the customer with the option to block non-compliant calls.


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