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No Internet Advertising

California > Media, Telecommunications & Internet
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Proposed Apr. 8, 2018

[note this is a thought experiment - not entirely sure it's a good idea]
Forbid advertising in online services so as to change the incentives for those who create online services.  Today the incentives in an advertising-supported world encourage tactics that addict and habituate irrespective of value received.  In short, a world where "hijacking your attention" is the main business strategy.  In a world where people paid for internet services, the focus would return to providing value to the user.  As a metric on the costs of paid internet services, Facebook's revenue per user is a bit less than $2 per month.  And that no doubt includes substantial expense to support the advertising infrastructure.


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James Rutt (04/08/2018)
i tried to post this for US level, but system wouldn't let me. If sysadmins see this, see if you can boost it up to USA level.





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