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D8ad6273ee1cd7dbbd672504ca286460?d=mm Gilbert Prowler

Proposed Feb. 20, 2018


Voting is one of the foundations of our democratic political system, it’s a right that hundreds of thousands of veterans have given their lives to defend. Yet millions of eligible voters don’t even bother to cast ballots.  So, what might get more people to participate in elections? 


I propose a federal income tax credit to every taxpayer who votes. 

Using voter rolls that presently exist it can be determined who voted in the election.  Those taxpayers can then claim  the more valuable tax credit, not deduction, when they file their federal returns.

For example, individuals who voted can claim one credit and married couples two. In addition, families would receive credits for each member of their household too young to vote, currently eighteen years of age. How to make the changes in the tax code and the amount of credit will be something yet to determined.

It’s apparent the U.S. Constitution, the sacrifice veterans have made and having a say in the direction our country takes isn’t enough to get some people to participate in the electoral process. But saving money on taxes just might be.


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Jurisdiction: California's 26th congressional district

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