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#rides4rights catch a ride to cast your vote !!

Ventura County, CA > Voting, Elections & Civic Engagement
89fc177a7ac16e0b89e4ae339400729d?d=mm Amy Browne

Proposed Jan. 27, 2018

No one should be denied their civic rights because they cannot drive to their polling place. Calling all you local Uber/Lyft/Cab/Dial A Ride/Volunteers to get people a ride to their polling places to cast their vote. The trips would be short since most people's polling places are chosen by their address. 10$ donations could be raised per ride if they have it or donated by the drivers. Pick-up information can be taken by phone or web app and passed on to the fleet of cars willing to participate on the day. who wants to help me? We will need plenty of drivers for the day. Great advertising for any car service don't you think!?


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