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The Path to Real Transparency Monthly Budget Review with the Mayor's Budget Team

Los Angeles city, CA > Voting, Elections & Civic Engagement
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Proposed Dec. 5, 2017

Watch our video for the discussion on our Policy! The Budget Advocates (BAs) understand that no single policy or reformation will provide Angelenos with the level of Government Transparency we deserve. However, there is a very simple, cost free-first step we can take TODAY to help us get there in the not so distant future. As it stands today, the general public doesn't have the opportunity to ask detailed questions about our City's budget. The forum simply does not exist. So, rather than being the foundation for the public's understanding of their government, our budget serves as yet another pain point and deterrent from interacting with your City Departments and Elected Officials. The BAs have a solution and here it is: Monthly meetings, after business hours, with members of the Mayor's budget office, the CAO, Office of Finance, City Council Members and on a rotating basis, Department Managers and operational staff. Having these meetings regularly scheduled would allow for more in-depth focus on REAL issues (pensions, public transportation and infrastructure, labor negotiations, homelessness) the City's facing in the long term (3+ years) rather than forcing the public and the BA's to address superficial "low hanging fruit" (graffiti removal, pot hole repair, bulky item pick up). With YOUR support, our Committee knows that we can yield results. We are elected through your Neighborhood Councils and exist for the sole purpose of bringing the concerns from our communities to the our officials at City Hall. You can read more about our plans for the City's long term prosperity on our website at www.NCBALA.com and make sure you follow us on Facebook and Youtube!


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