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Too Many Darn Laws = Proposal to Reduce Millions of Laws down to Manageable Laws

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A6338d44c3fcb42db20f4f14e4b6d389?d=mm Mark Graves

Proposed May. 9, 2018


We need a Law To - Reduce and Refine - Our "Millions" of Current Laws - Local, State & Fed

Proposal: For every NEW LAW proposed, there must be (? 1, 10, 100 or 1,000) OLD LAWS taken OFF the BOOKS until we get down to an amount of laws that ALL citizens can understand and abide by. Let a jury decide intent and punishment when problems/disputes arise. Let personal responsibility and common sense be our most basic common law ie: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and do NO harm! Quite simple really. It would be nice if we could get down to about 10 laws that everyone could know and agree to abide by but millions of laws, many contradictory or loophole laws, are just too many laws so everyone is always outside of the law thus it will most often be used with prejudice and we will never have EQUAL justice FOR ALL of our citizens. 

No one can know, let alone adhere to, millions of local, state and federal laws even if they want to. Such red tape makes it too EXPENSIVE AND RISKY for ANY AVERAGE CITIZEN to risk going into ANY business (no matter how small), IF they want to be 100% legal just to start. If you LEGALLY wanted to start a lawn care business, well, good luck finding millions to pay attorneys to research all of the laws let alone abiding by each one, local, state and federal. It would take more money than you could earn in 10 lifetimes doing lawn care.

This law is long overdue. The only question is how many laws should come off the books for each new law to go on. I would say, let's start with at least 10 to make it very easy for politicians who currently pass laws without even reading them, some laws that are thousands of pages long and written in secrecy waiting for the moment to pounce and take away civil and human rights...

What say Ye fellow citizens?


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