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Trial basis for traffic and infrastructure changes

Los Angeles, CA > Transportation, Infrastructure & Public Works
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Proposed Nov. 30, 2017

We want our city to be safe and efficient for cars, bicycles and pedestrians. When the Civic Engineers develop solutions to traffic and pedestrian safety issues, they most often come with hefty price tags, significant construction times that reduce access temporarily, and have uncertain outcomes. A new way to approach these changes is with temporary modifications that would allow further study prior to committing to a change. This would allow changes in traffic flow and safety to be fully assessed prior to committing much larger sums of money to permanently modify sidewalks, street layouts, etc. It is as simple as drilling a few holes in the pavement and putting in some little yellow pylons in most instances to look at the actual impact of a proposed bulb out, 'road diet,' or other change in traffic flow. This is an alternative to spending (potentially) millions of public dollars destroying and re-pouring concrete sidewalks, etc. It would allow projects to be implemented faster and allow more creativity and flexibility on the part of engineers in solving our issues. It would also allow us to quickly reverse or modify a solution when unintended consequences arise as part of a plan. In the long run this could save us a good deal of money. It could save us a good deal of embarrassment from committing to public safety solutions that simply do not work, and allow better solutions to be enacted quickly. More importantly, it could save lives, and increase the amount of time we have to spend with our families and accomplishing our personal goals, rather than sitting in traffic due to construction delays or unforeseen consequences.


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