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Voter ballot national standardization for national elections

California's 26th congressional district, CA > Voting, Elections & Civic Engagement
19f3dfa759c33b03834de898df578551?d=mm Luis Espinosa

Proposed Jan. 26, 2018

I believe our democracy will continue to be under attack and will eventually dissolve unless significant steps are taken to preserve it. We must insist on a standard ballot for Presidential elections at a minimum because there is no absolute assurance that foreign or domestic forces couldn't tamper with the ballot counting. Punch ballots, while archaic in nature, offer better protection against tampering. Politics knows no limits to malfeasance in the pursuit of winning. Confidence in our process is paramount. This past Presidential election has done great damage to that end.


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Marc Battistello (03/07/2018)
The issue with fair elections has very little to do the ballot configuration.The bigger thing to fear is the massive proliferation of the mass media sites where any one can post anything, true or not,with uninformed people believing it all.Countries like China have but controls on the information companies like Google and Facebook,limiting what can be posted online.The russians spent about$100k to buy many thousands of ads on Facebook and Google to influence our election Rather than spend time on ballot congigurations i would rather see us spend our time on discussing the impact of social media on our elections





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