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Proposed Jan. 27, 2018

Increasing voter participation can be improved by providing simple fixes to the mistrusted system in place today. Implement these policies with no exceptions of any kind. First, national voter picture identification based upon U.S. citizenship. Only US citizens can register and vote. Voters must prove U.S. citizenship through birth certificate or naturalization paperwork. People are convinced that there is significant voter fraud in elections and are demanding a solution. Many other countries have this policy including Mexico. It is time for it in the USA. Second, severely limit the time of campaigning for all public office to no more than 90-120 days prior to the election. If a candidate cannot get their message across during this period of time, they don't deserve the office. The public is frustrated and disgusted with the CONSTANT political posturing and campaigning, sometimes for several years in advance of an election. Third, place term limits on ALL political positions. Allow no more than two (2) terms in the Senate or five (5) terms in the House or any combination that results in no more than twelve (12) years in office. The public is tired of the B.S. rhetoric of the professional politicians. Our forefathers never envisioned politics as a profession. Someone ran for office, served their term and returned to the farm or business from whence they came. Lastly, make the holder of public office responsible for delivering on campaign promises and actually serving the constituency they have. Many times the public sees officeholders following their party line and not supporting what their constituents desire. Always remember to effectively serve all of your constituents, not just those in agreement with your party line.


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Marc Battistello (03/07/2018)
Of all the post i've seen on this site this one is by far the best ,well thought out and provdes actual solutions,good job.The term limit recommendation is excellent and would not be accepted by our current elected officials who live the life they tell us to avoid





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